Steinar Valade-Amland

Steinar Valade-Amland has acted as an independent consultant through his own setup, Three Point Zero, working for a wide range of private sector companies, NGOs and public sector organizations, since he stepped down after 12 years as CEO of the Association of Danish Designers in 2012. He has contributed to several books and played an active role in processes focusing on design policy, design practice and design education – in particular on a European level. He is also the author of Innoliteracy: From Design Thinking to Tangible Change.

  • Design: A Business Case – Thinking, Leading and Managing by Design

    Design: A Business Case Thinking, Leading and Managing by Design

    How to stimulate innovation in your organization as a constantly ongoing process? How to bridge the complementary skills that exist in your organization? What leads to an integration of mind, matter, image and identity? Design: A Business Case can lead you to the answers of all of this and more. It combines the intellectual frameworks of Design Thinking, the operational and implementing mechanisms of Design Management as well as the skills of Design that embody these two. 
Design Thinking inspires, Design Management enables, Design embodies. This book aims to reconcile the three and encourage organizational and professional environments in which their combined forces can thrive and succeed.