Compliance Made Simple Seriously

Healthcare Paperback English248 Pages

Compliance, the biggest challenge to a medical practice today, can also be its greatest opportunity. It can be the biggest danger and also the greatest firewall of protection. This book teaches you the how and why of compliance, the ins and outs of what is necessary in setting up and running a compliant practice; something every doctor and administrator of a practice needs to know to minimize risk and succeed. In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss, and a good offense is much better than having to go into defense mode.

About the authors

Dr Pariksith Singh, MD

Dr Pariksith Singh, MD, is a practicing physician with 30 years in the field. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr Singh believes unsettling changes in the healthcare industry can also be transformative. Besides medicine practicing, Dr Singh is also a published poet and author and writes in literature, poetry and philosophy. His medical contributions include The Florida Guide to Prescription, Controlled Substance and Pain Medicine Laws (co-authored by Rachel Barlow, Alan Gassman, and Lester Perling), The Essential Planning Guide to 2013 Income & Estate Taxes and Excerpts From Creditor Protection From Florida Physicians: a Comprehensive Handbook for Physicians and Their Advisors.

Lynda Dilts-Benson, RN, LHRM, CCM

Lynda Dilts-Benson, RN, CCM, LHRM, is the Education Director/Risk Adjustment Provider Educator for Access Health Care Physicians. As a nurse and certified case manager, her experience collaborating with service providers to achieve patient wellness and autonomy has given her in-depth knowledge of the workings (and failings) of a healthcare system seeking to accomplish and maintain a compliant culture. She has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and has boots-on-the-ground experience setting up and maintaining a compliance plan for a vibrant and growing healthcare practice.