Hop’s Spectacular Adventure

Author: Zain Hashmy
Illustrator:Neha Rawat

When Hop, the Frog refuses to eat his locusts, he lands himself in a dizzy adventure, drifting towards the earth after the mysterious Twolegs come calling. Hop’s Spectacular Adventure is the story of how he becomes the only frog to fly since Felix, the hero of Lower Greens. The endearing tale recounts how a young frog skyrocketed to glory when he least expected it. As he ends up being one with the very legend that he had grown up admiring, he becomes a source of inspiration to young tadpoles everywhere even as he showers them with a bounty of delicious gifts.

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Zain Hashmy

Zain Hashmy is a biotechnologist from Australia. He loves to write stories for people of all ages, and Hop’s Spectacular Adventure is his first book, based on a story originally intended for his god-daughter Evelyn, as a birthday gift.