Identity’s Last Secret

Philosophy, Poetry Hardcover English156 Pages

“Identity’s Last Secret is Makarand R. Paranjape’s most audacious work in mixed media, bringing together many of his avatars in one along with a ‘graphic’ art that builds upon his lifetime of creative adventures. It is a visual poem in the tradition of concrete poetry by George Herbert and Dylan Thomas. With its simple and elegant brushwork, it alludes deftly to the Japanese art of Sumi-E. It, also, recreates the ancient art of tantric scrolls while mandalas and yantras depict the inwardized space of a yogi’s consciousness and the rhythms of accompanying verse bring a synesthesia of sound and vision.” —Pariksith Singh, MD

About the authors

Professor Dr Makarand Paranjape

Professor Dr Paranjape is a famous Indian novelist and poet. He is hugely respected in the Indian academia. He was a professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University for 19 years before becoming the Director of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, since August 2018. His much-celebrated collection of published works include 120 academic papers, a novel, several poems, short stories, and essays. He has also done book reviews and also writes as a columnist for various renowned publications.

Dr Pariksith Singh, MD

Dr Pariksith Singh, MD, is a practicing physician with 30 years in the field. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr Singh believes unsettling changes in the healthcare industry can also be transformative. Besides medicine practicing, Dr Singh is also a published poet and author and writes in literature, poetry and philosophy. His medical contributions include The Florida Guide to Prescription, Controlled Substance and Pain Medicine Laws (co-authored by Rachel Barlow, Alan Gassman, and Lester Perling), The Essential Planning Guide to 2013 Income & Estate Taxes and Excerpts From Creditor Protection From Florida Physicians: a Comprehensive Handbook for Physicians and Their Advisors.