Somewhere Among the Stars

Author: Adi Varuni


Somewhere Among the Stars chronicles a woman’s inner quest for Love and Truth across lifetimes and dimensions of being…an adventure of consciousness through rare terrains of Vedanta and Yoga.
Adi Varuni writes on Indian spirituality and mysticism, and lives incognito.

Featured at the Jaipur
Literature Festival 2022.

Decades ago, when an unknown Norwegian teacher wove nuggets of philosophy into a mystery, it gave birth to the all-time bestseller Sophie’s World, in which Sophie, all of 14, returns from school one day to find two letters, each with a question—‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where does the earth come from?’ Sophie felt her brain stirring as she contemplated philosophy

Adi feels his soul stirring as he contemplates Vedanta. Falling in love with the elderly and serene Ahana, a voice in his head compels him to write Ahana’s story, bringing alive fascinating dimensions of Vedantic mysticism. When she recounts her meetings with Krishna, ‘my Krishna’, across epochs and universes, Adi is spellbound, and restless to understand Krishna’s answers to Ahana’s questions

When it suddenly falls into place for Adi that it was Ahana who had brought him to Almora and to Vedanta, and that he has veiled memories with her in past lives, he knows he has to go back and ask her one last time.

As Ahana gradually absorbs into silence, this Sophie’s World meets Vedanta mesmerizes you with its depth. If there ever was a beautiful, simple story to introduce Vedanta and explain our existence, then this is the one.



Publication Date

24 March 2022




282 pages





Reading age

15 years and up

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358 g


13.97 x 1.8 x 21.59 cm

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