The Eternal Feminine

Non-Fiction Paperback English864 Pages

A woman is not just a form and a figure; though her form itself is significant of deep-guarded secrets and the capacity to create marvels out of a seed state. She is the Force, Shakti, Wisdom, Strength, Beauty, Love, Delight that is everywhere and in all beings. This book is not just an attempt to discover and evoke her through myths and legends of India, but to unravel the mysteries of the ‘Eternal Feminine’ with a view to discover the truth behind what a woman truly represents as seen through the awakened eyes of the mystics and the spiritual culture of India.

About the authors

Dr Alok Pandey

Dr Alok Pandey grew up in a family with rich spiritual values surrounded by myths and legends. Subsequent to his MD in Psychiatry from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and his service in the Indian Air Force, his childhood fascination with myths and legends needed a sound footing. It was through his spiritual journey through the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo that he understood his deeper calling. Though he has written and spoken extensively on various subjects, the myths and legends of India, especially the worship of the Divine Mother, Shakti, remains closest to his heart.