The Eternal Gene and Other Tales of Malaise

Fiction, Sci-Fiction Paperback English248 Pages

How do we know that we are living in actual reality? Can we trust our memories? Have you ever wondered about the possibilities of extraterrestrial species visiting Earth in the prehistoric era? What would happen if a rare mutation halts aging in a man?

All these questions, and many more, are answered through six superbly crafted stories penned by breakout author, Ankush Sam Thorpe. In the stunning title story, a man’s journey to investigate his father’s mysterious death leads him to the nation’s best kept secret. ‘A Stitch in Time’, follows a soldier’s quest to finish a mission in a world long forgotten, with a gut-wrenching revelation. In ‘Down Memory Lane’, the protagonist learns that the reality is not what it seems amidst an imminent political coup. In ‘The Representative’, a man suddenly wakes up billions of light years away, in an intergalactic conference, representing Earth. And in ‘Hera’, a group of Neanderthals are visited by a guest from a hyper-advanced civilization, forever changing the course of evolution on Earth.

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About the authors

Ankush Sam Thorpe

Ankush Sam Thorpe grew up in Punjab, a northern province in India in the 90s. A graduate in Anthropology and a postgraduate in Genetics, his fascination for science began early in life. In his early teens, he was obsessed with 90s Hollywood science fiction films, especially The Terminator and Jurassic Park.

His love affair with science fiction began with the Sidney Sheldon novel The Doomsday Conspiracy and solidified with Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and George Orwell’s 1984. However, his passion for storytelling grew with Isaac Asimov’s short story Nightfall, which inspired him to create his own tales. In 2011, at the age of twenty, Ankush wrote his first short story, ‘A Stitch in Time’, exhibiting his fascination with science and history.

During the Covid pandemic he found the time to create characters, dialogues, and storylines based on the scientific concepts that keep him enthralled to this date. Presently living in the city of Toronto, he continues to pen more stories with science as the central theme. In addition, he is an Instagram junkie as well as a die-hard Test Cricket fan.