• Compliance Made Simple

    Compliance Made Simple

    Compliance, the biggest challenge to a medical practice today, can also be its greatest opportunity. It can be the biggest danger and also the most significant firewall of protection. The new provider coming out of school does not have the knowledge included in this book. Many providers who have been in business for years don’t realize the shark-infested waters they swim in. Compliance Made Simple was written as a compendium of those things that might not ever occur to a medical provider at any level who is either going into practice with a group or attempting to go it solo.

  • Design: A Business Case – Thinking, Leading and Managing by Design

    Design: A Business Case Thinking, Leading and Managing by Design

    Design: A Business Case can lead you to all of this and more. It combines the intellectual frameworks of Design Thinking, the operational and implementing mechanisms of Design Management as well as the skills of Design that embody these two.

  • Hop’s Spectacular Adventure

    Hop’s Spectacular Adventure

    When Hop, the Frog refuses to eat his locusts, he lands himself in a dizzy adventure, drifting towards the earth after the mysterious Twolegs come calling. This is the story of how he becomes the only frog to fly since Felix, the hero of Lower Greens…

  • Integral Education Cover

    Integral Education

    Integral Education — Beyond Schooling explores a new paradigm of education, taking learning and teaching beyond conventional schooling, towards what may be called evolutionary education and the growth of consciousness. The book is premised on the idea that we humans are still evolving in consciousness and have reached an evolutionary tipping point where we need a radically new way of learning and growing, a radically new way of perceiving, understanding and organizing our world and living our day to day lives in it, more in harmony, oneness and peace. This is a book that must be read by all who are interested and involved in the human future, immediate and long term.

  • Jana Awjanar Majhe

    Jana Awjanar Majhe is a reflection of the author’s journey of life. It depicts his retrospective feeling about his past, and he tries to bring back those golden days in the mirror of the present.
    Having spent most of his childhood and adolescence in Kashi, the details of old Kashi are vibrant in the book. The author, Bimal Chakravartty, carries a range of experiences that he has gathered throughout his long and interesting career. His reflections and ponderings are an added gift for the readers.
    In the end, it can be said that it’s not always easy to describe the simple incidents of your life. But the author has done it with perfection and grace.

  • MRA Made Simple

    MRA Made Simple

    Whether you are a doctor or a mid-level provider of medical care in the managed care arena, whether you have experience with managed care or are new to it, Medicare Risk Adjustment is a funding system and a critical patient risk identifier to your success both today and for the future. There is a common perception that Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) is all about the money. Is it? It always does come down to the money, but the managed-care MRA model is vastly different from the Fee for Service (FFS) model; the reasons that it is about the money are also different. The MRA model creates an interesting and significantly satisfying outcome for those who understand the system’s whys and wherefores.

  • Somewhere Among the Stars Front Cover

    Somewhere Among the Stars

    Somewhere Among the Stars chronicles a woman’s inner quest for Love and Truth across lifetimes and dimensions of being…an adventure of consciousness through rare terrains of Vedanta and Yoga.
    Adi Varuni writes on Indian spirituality and mysticism, and lives incognito.