• Integral Education Cover

    Integral Education

    Integral Education — Beyond Schooling explores a new paradigm of education, taking learning and teaching beyond conventional schooling, towards what may be called evolutionary education and the growth of consciousness. The book is premised on the idea that we humans are still evolving in consciousness and have reached an evolutionary tipping point where we need a radically new way of learning and growing, a radically new way of perceiving, understanding and organizing our world and living our day to day lives in it, more in harmony, oneness and peace. This is a book that must be read by all who are interested and involved in the human future, immediate and long term.

  • Somewhere Among the Stars Front Cover

    Somewhere Among the Stars

    Somewhere Among the Stars chronicles a woman’s inner quest for Love and Truth across lifetimes and dimensions of being…an adventure of consciousness through rare terrains of Vedanta and Yoga.
    Adi Varuni writes on Indian spirituality and mysticism, and lives incognito.

  • Sri Aurobindo and the Literary Renaissance of India

    Sri Aurobindo & The Literary Renaissance of India

    Sri Aurobindo, as this book declares, a true fountainhead of India’s literary renaissance, needs to be discovered and better appreciated not just in India but globally. “…Sri Aurobindo is unique,” writes the author, “in that he gave us the complete program for our efflorescence as a culture and a civilization.