In his debut book, Biswaroop offers an insight into career lessons he has learned in his long years of managing organisations and talent. Through a collection of reflections and musings, he invites readers to join him on a journey of discovery, reflection and growth. He brings with him the perspective of an experienced practitioner who is passionate about making a difference in organisations and the lives of the employees.


From navigating leadership to fostering a positive organisational culture and managing uncertainty and change to crafting strategic talent agenda, each reflection offers a unique perspective on various dimensions of managing organisations and talent in today’s ever-evolving workplace landscape. Whether you’re an HR professional seeking inspiration, a business leader looking to understand the intricacies of HR management or simply curious about the inner workings of human resources, this book provides a gem of a lesson to all those interested in people and talent management.

Building Beyond Infra

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transcended the realm of science fiction and become a ubiquitous presence in the mainstream. It has emerged as the new powerhouse for businesses. In his bestselling book, esteemed futurist, strategic business advisor, and author, Akhilesh Srivastava explores how to effectively harness and integrate technology within the construction industry. This book provides invaluable insights into leveraging technology for the growth of infrastructure businesses. By examining real-world trends in Artificial Intelligence, the author demonstrates its potential to drive organizational success. It guides readers on integrating existing advancements while also preparing for upcoming developments, equipping companies with the transformative power of Al applications that fuel success in both present and future endeavors.

Design: A Business Case Thinking, Leading and Managing by Design

How to stimulate innovation in your organization as a constantly ongoing process? How to bridge the complementary skills that exist in your organization? What leads to an integration of mind, matter, image and identity? Design: A Business Case can lead you to the answers of all of this and more. It combines the intellectual frameworks of Design Thinking, the operational and implementing mechanisms of Design Management as well as the skills of Design that embody these two. 


Design Thinking inspires, Design Management enables, Design embodies. This book aims to reconcile the three and encourage organizational and professional environments in which their combined forces can thrive and succeed.