Seeing with Hands

Seeing with Hands is a result of a unique experiment and extensive research by the author, Jinan K.B., and his foundation. It is a record of how children express their experiences through drawing (not art) and how drawing becomes a tool that helps them observe the world around them.

Showcasing brilliant drawings made by children to express themselves, the book attempts to prove that they are naturally equipped to adapt and learn autonomously.

This book is bound to prompt a new way of thinking on educating children, helping them develop their cognitive tools and provide insights to all those who are concerned with children, be it parents, teachers or caretakers.

Integral Education — Beyond Schooling

Integral Education—Beyond Schooling explores a new paradigm of education, taking learning and teaching beyond conventional schooling, towards what may be called evolutionary education and the growth of consciousness.


 The book is premised on the idea that we humans are still evolving in consciousness and have reached an evolutionary tipping point where we need a radically new way of learning and growing, a radically new way of perceiving, understanding and organizing our world and living our day to day lives in it, more in harmony, oneness and peace.


This book is a must-read for all who are interested and involved in the development of human future, immediate and long term.

Confidence Cures: The Art of Self-Wellness

Confidence Cures: The Art of Self-Wellness offers an integrated and experience-based approach to aid you in attaining wellness by focusing on the physical, mental, existential and spiritual aspects of your being. Based on the personal experience of Lieutenant General S.B. Sehajpal, a former dental surgeon in the Indian Army, who practised the wellness way of life and recovered from acute depression, hypertension and diabetes, and Mrs Kiran Sehajpal, an educationist, this book serves as a comprehensive guide in reinvigorating yourself and putting your health at topmost priority. No fancy diets, no fads, no herd-hounding, just intent and a karmic commitment with yourself.