How To Get Into IAS

Welcome to India’s biggest and arguably the toughest examination—the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Clearing the exam is a painful journey—a battle, some might say—that requires tenacity, discipline, dedication, unwavering self-confidence, and hard work. While all losing battles have many things in common, a winning one has one: sound guidance. All unsurmountable goals are possible with a perfect companion and guide.


How to Get into IAS is that perfect companion and guide. It will:

  •  Educate you in detail about UPSC CSE pattern: Prelims, Mains, and interview.
  •  Explain the eligibility criteria and other important details.
  •  Help you in selecting an optional paper.
  •  Provide you tips on effective writing.
  •  Highlight important topics across subjects with an exhaustive list of reference books.
  •  Suggest tricks to solve comprehension questions and those related to logical and analytical reasoning.
  •  Act like your mentor and provide answers to all your queries related to UPSC CSE.
  •  Assist you in choosing a service and cadre.
  •  Give you an insight into the life of an IAS officer.
  •  Motivate you to achieve your ultimate dream of becoming an IAS officer.


Whether it is your first attempt or your last, this is the only book you will ever need. Even in moments of self-doubt, it will put you back on track and inspire you to stay focused.


So what are you waiting for? Make How to Get into IAS an integral part of your UPSC journey and see how it will help, motivate, and guide you in transforming your dream of becoming an IAS officer into reality.

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