Padma Bharatis

India, or Bharat, is a land of unparalleled diversity, a true chitraayana where the tapestry of life is woven with vibrant maanyata (respect) and maryaada (dignity). This nation, with its timeless unity in multiplexity, is a testament to a culture of cultures bonded by a rich tradition of creativity and ingenuity.


Padma Bharatis captures this essence through a collection of essays that spotlight the remarkable achievements of ordinary Indians. Over recent years, public recognition of these unsung heroes has witnessed a paradigm shift with Padma awardees increasingly representing the true diversity of the nation.


The stories within this book highlight the strength and resilience of people who bring sustainable change while honouring their cultural traditions and experiential knowledge passed down through generations. They are earthy, real, and often from rustic or smalltown backgrounds, embodying the core values of a civilization on its path to a sustainable and aspirational future. Padma Bharatis is a celebration of these incredible souls.

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