Ram Janmabhoomi

A civilization that forgets its struggles is condemned to repeat its mistakes and spiral into a self-destructive cycle. The battles for freedom and the resistance against occupation and atrocities all too often recede from collective memory, overshadowed by the weight of oppression and systematically orchestrated efforts, to erase the Hindu identity through manipulated narratives. The sacred geography of Bharat, the cradle of Hindu dharma and the ancestral home of the Hindu people, has borne witness to relentless invasions, leaving scars on the collective psyche.


The Ram Janmabhoomi movement stands as a poignant testament to the devastation inflicted upon the roots of Hindu civilization and the arduous battle to reclaim it. In an era dominated by weaponized narratives, where the perpetrators of atrocities are romanticized as victims and the victims are crowned as oppressors, this book reminds of the facts and the inconvenient truths—of the blood, sweat and tears that many Hindus shed in fighting the good fight. It is a call to ensure that every Hindu born in an age, removed from those trials and tribulations, never forgets the sacrifices made by those who went before them. For if we forget, we are complicit in normalizing the obliteration of our great civilization.

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