Sri Aurobindo & the Literary Renaissance of India

Our Story

BluOne Ink is more than just a publishing house— it is a community that supports original, independent and creative thinking in literature, education and culture.

We seek out, nurture and publish new talent in Indian writing in any field or discipline, and provide an effective platform for dissemination.

We provide full range of support for the followingservices:

  • Editing

    Reviewing and enhancing manuscripts to create engaging and effective reading

  • Production

    Designing and printing world-class books

  • Marketing

    Using both offline and digital platforms to make sure a book reaches its desired readership

Our Imprints


Focused on non-fiction writing


Focused on the learning of our young readers g


Presenting the many shades and hues of literature


Philosophical, spiritual and educational writings celebrating the transformative power of literature


A dive into the world of literature for our young readers