Somewhere Among the Stars

“When I first shared this story with a monk-friend, he asked me why I wrote it as fiction and not biography. Many others who read this book may have the same query. So let me share: the first reason was the most obvious one — Ahana hardly lived an outer life, her entire life unfolded within, in her consciousness. Outwardly, her biography could be written in a single paragraph: She was born in India, in the early sixties, to academic parents and grew up in a university environment. She met a young man when she turned eighteen, perhaps fell in love, and left her studies and social life to live in an obscure ashram in the Himalayas and explore Vedanta. She then left the ashram and came to Almora, a small Himalayan town, where she lived alone in a cottage.


Inwardly, however, Ahana’s life was rich, fascinating, multihued, multilayered, profoundly inspiring. The more I discovered and understood of her life, the more I realized how much is possible, and how much the human being can attain, in a single lifetime — none could come to her and remain unchanged. So how does one write a biography of such a being?


 And second, as I discovered in writing this book, a biography ties you down to facts and timelines while fiction can free you of all such needless fetters. Ahana’s life, I feel, is the stuff poetry is made of.”

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  1. Siddharth Kannan

    Just finished it. “Somewhere Among The Stars” has by far been one of the most profound books which have come to me and transformed my manas, buddhi & hridaya to such a deep extent. I simply bow down in gratitude to the great beings who in their infinite compassion have made this possible.

    This book has enough material to form a SATS (Somewhere Among the Stars) study group and delve into each chapter and immerse deeper into the teachings imparted. The higher Consciousness from which it pours out is tangible and a very vast calm in the mind, joy & love for the Divine in the heart is gratefully accepted. Ahana is forever in my heart and Her stellar example of complete self-giving to Her Krishna is the biggest gift any Lover of the Divine could get.

    Also, this book helped me understand Sri Aurobindo & The Mother’s work in a deeper way & its synthesis with Swami Vivekananda’s & the more traditional Vedantic approach was really beneficial to the mind. I would love to discuss some of the parts with Adi Varuni ji about the Patala (subconscient/inconscient?) which Ahana’s next offering to Her Lord be at. Endlessly fascinating & thoroughly instructive as well in one’s own journey.

    Thank you Sri Adi Varuni ji & BluOne Ink team. 😍🙏

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