Confidence Cures: The Art of Self-Wellness

Confidence Cures: The Art of Self-Wellness offers an integrated and experience-based approach to aid you in attaining wellness by focusing on the physical, mental, existential and spiritual aspects of your being. Based on the personal experience of Lieutenant General S.B. Sehajpal, a former dental surgeon in the Indian Army, who practised the wellness way of life and recovered from acute depression, hypertension and diabetes, and Mrs Kiran Sehajpal, an educationist, this book serves as a comprehensive guide in reinvigorating yourself and putting your health at topmost priority. No fancy diets, no fads, no herd-hounding, just intent and a karmic commitment with yourself.

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This book has covered each aspect of wellness in such fullness and all encompassing detail that is so easy to absorb and follow. I have gone back again and again to the chapters on mental wellness, pranic wellness, and spiritual wellness and each time a fresh understanding has dawned on me!

Sudha Sabhlok

The Wellness Way of Life, shared by the authors has been lived by them, because of which the Book gives a practical approach to stay disease free. The suggestions are simple and easy to follow in the daily routine of life, very much within your homes.

Dr Tashu Kakar


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