Rearming Hinduism

Rearming Hinduism is a handbook for intellectual resistance. Within its pages, Vamsee Juluri delivers a sharp and comprehensive examination of Hinduphobia pervasive in contemporary academia, media, and popular culture. Juluri not only exposes the Hinduphobic narrative’s denial of the profound truths and beauty within Hindu philosophy but also challenges its disregard for the inherent integrity and sacredness of the natural world. This book fearlessly dismantles prevalent misconceptions about nature, history, and ancient civilizations propagated by modern media while debunking Hinduphobic myths surrounding Aryans, invasions, and ritual practices. Through this critique, Rearming Hinduism draws connections between Hinduphobia and a culture marked by exploitation and self-destruction, suggesting that a revitalized Hindu perspective may offer a potent counterforce. It urges readers to envision the present through the lens of timeless principles, thereby uplifting our understanding of our land, time, and the enduring values of sanatana dharma.

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